Salvaged Whisperers

Working with found and salvaged materials from the compost heap and the natural environment, I have been listening to the stories they have to tell me. Working quickly and without preconceived ideas, I let the wood, bones, seeds and fungi form themselves into whisperers of past and future stories: the natural and the urban struggling to agree on what is and what is not … I have yet to hear all they have to say.

Emerging from the natural and the wild, these whisperer are best heard in the wild places of our lives and spaces: hanging from tree branches, peeking out from behind ferns, overlooking the garden or offered back to the earth and the fire to tell their stories to the wind.

Part sylph, part manitoo, part elf, all spirit of nature and place, they question us: do you still believe in us? Do you still hear our tales, Are you listening?


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